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The moment you have to fight a criminal charge or a civil lawsuit, there are many ifs and buts that start dominating your mind. The fact is nobody fancies of being involved in a legal battle. The more you hear about the ordeal people go through while dealing with civil and criminal defense attorneys, Los Angeles the more apprehensive you become. At The Law Offices of Becky Walker James we are committed to helping you overcome such apprehensions and providing you best legal representation during the entire course of legal battle. You don’t want to drop your guard and neither shall we.  We see to it that your rights and interests are protected come what may.

We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of excellence in advocacy and personalized representation in the areas of criminal defense, civil rights, and civil litigation, and with an emphasis on appeals, The Law Offices of Becky Walker James has some of the best criminal defense attorneys, Los Angeles. No criminal or civil litigation are alike and each case is different and has its own complexities. Hence we bring in fresh approach to the case and study it in details during the first consultation. As a firm dedicated to transparency we explain to you the strengths and weaknesses in the case and the most likely outcomes. We fill ourselves in the shoes of the opponent to gain a comprehensive insight into the case.

Why Choose Law Offices of Becky Walker James to find the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles.

  • Excellence – Before deciding to open her own practice, Becky Walker James served as the Chief of the Criminal Appeals and General Crimes sections at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, and was a partner and co-chair of the national appellate practice of a major law firm. She graduated with distinction from Stanford Law School and was a Ninth Circuit clerk. Drawing on her experience, Ms. James has proudly achieved a record of outstanding results for her clients. Therefore you need not worry about her skills, knowledge and trial experience in criminal lawsuits. You are working with one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles who would protect your honor and dignity in the court.
  • TirelessAdvocacy – Ms. James, a renowned criminal defense attorney, Los Angeles, is passionate about advocating for her clients’ rights to fair treatment under the law. She digs into each of her cases and works relentlessly to find all the right arguments and strategies to secure the best possible outcomes for her clients. Other attorneys and support staff leave no stone unturned to help her prepare the strongest possible defense for her clients.
  • Personal Service – Good lawyering means more than providing expert legal services. Ms. James pays attention to her clients and responds promptly and respectfully to their questions and concerns. She understands the anxiety and concern of her clients and communicates with them in a friendly manner to reassure them regarding the tide of the case. She is sensitive to cost and works to find cost-effective solutions for her clients.

So, if you are looking for legal representation against criminal charges, contact The Law Offices of Becky Walker James for experienced and skilled criminal defense attorneys, Los Angeles.

We shall offer you enough reasons to hire after our first consultation.